Anne Lamott on the Colbert Report

Anne Lamott was on the Colbert Report pushing her new book: Grace Eventually.

From Wikipedia:

Anne Lamott (born 10 April 1954, in San Francisco) a political activist, progressive and author of several novels and works of non-fiction. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her non-fiction works are largely autobiographical, with strong doses of self-deprecating humor and covering such subjects as alcoholism, single motherhood, and Christianity.[1]

Her new book seems to have a pretty universalist theme, based on this interview. Anne attends a Presbyterian church, but also claimed to not pay much attention to theology. Anne, in the interview, placed Dick Cheney in heaven alongside a Muslim.

She also had a funny moment where she called god “She”.

“I believe there is one mountain and many many paths.”

I know nothing of Anne, but it’s nice to see liberal spirituality hitting the airwaves after being shut out for so long. Thank you Stephen Colbert. You’re an Americone Dream.

3 Responses to “Anne Lamott on the Colbert Report”

  1. Ms. Theologian Says:

    She’s really great as are her books. I’ve met her twice at the Squaw writers program. She has a really practical approach to theology (regardless of what she calls it or not).

  2. jacqueline Says:

    Oh I am kind of in love with her. I wish while living in San Francisco I would have had the courage to seek her out… only because I have that little crush. Oh. that might have been an odd moment… so I guess I will just admire her and her work from afar!

  3. Chalicechick Says:

    I’m not a fan.



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