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Trying to work with an open heart chakra

June 27, 2013

Sometimes when I’m on my way to work a song or news event will open me up. I’ll start feeling things. I’ll feel connected to the universe and ready to interact with it in a whole and uncensored way. My heart chakra will open.

This is bad for work.

Real world reactions to the Supreme Court rulings and the recent events in Texas got to me this morning. I’m happy and grateful and eager for more change to take place in the world.

None of this is good for a workplace environment.

Something is wrong with the workplace environment.

How can we live in a workplace environment?


Tomorrow I may feel completely different, but this is how I feel today.

Glee Unitarian Quote

October 29, 2010

Yeah, we’re being mocked, but sometimes I feel like it’s better to be mocked than to be invisible altogether.

“…making it the zoo’s first unitarian wedding in over six years”- Glee


DiscoverUU offline for a few days

October 11, 2010


I’m in need of a webmaster (and a little bit of cash) to keep this thing going. I’ve been in grad school and it’s taken a toll on my mental, physical, and financial health to be certain.

AND though I’ve gotten better at web design, DiscoverUU uses some pretty high end programming (Mysql) in order to function. It’s beyond me.

If you want to have some fun, check out my website. It’s been a great passion of mine- a distraction from grad school tedium.

My favorite summer sermon podcast so far

July 18, 2010

Vacation Bible School: PG13 by one of my favorite all-time UU ministers, Tennessee Valley’s Rev. Chris Buice. I’ve never met Rev. Buice, but would really like to some day. I was a fan of his ministry before this (and even more so after), but Rev. Buice was most amazing in his courageous love as he led his congregation through the horrific tragedy two summers ago. You may remember hearing about this.

Here is a link to the sermon podcast:

Surfing for top UU podcasts- taking recommendations!

May 24, 2010

I’ve got another temp work job doing data entry. I have time to listen to UU blogs. Please send me your recommendations!
My long time favorite is TVUUC’s Rev Chris Buice. [Go to bottom middle of] I was a fan before their tragic shooting, and I became even more of one after listening to the courageous way they kept moving forward. I also like Rev Nancy Ladd @ Bull Run (though it’s a low quality feed- poke!) and anything from the NYC All Souls. I miss Rev John T. Crestwell who has been podcasting less lately.

Seriously, send me suggestions. I’ll give them a listen and update DiscoverUU to have the very best. It’s great to see that so many churches are now podcasting!

Introducing New UU Minister Blog: Rev. Cyn

February 4, 2010

Introducing a new UU Minister blog by Rev. Cyntha Landrm

Please check it out. Some nice thoughts from a UU Minister serving a congregation in East Liberty, Michigan, only a couple of hours from the extreme economic situation in Detroit.

Guest Blog Post: Alan G. Greer, “Can We Befriend God?”

December 3, 2009

Over the past several months I’ve been on a virtual book tour appearing on radio talk shows across the country, speaking before church and civic groups, and doing readings at a book fair and book stores to promote my book Choices & Challenges, Lessons In Faith, Hope and Love. In doing so I’ve had conversations with a cross section of our country’s people ranging from radio program hosts, to ministers, to taxi drivers and most of the sorts in between.

In these conversations a number of things have jumped out at me. The one that intrigues me the most, though is how people view their relationship with God. They often wanted to talk about how God acts towards us; how we, as people of faith, act towards each other or those without faith; what we must do to meet God’s will; and whether a deity exists at all.

Not one, however, has asked about or even suggested the possibility of our having a one on one relationship with God based on friendship instead of as servitor or supplicant.

By this I don’t mean dropping in at the local sports bar with God to catch a football game or swap stories. Instead, I mean thinking about God as friends think about each other. That is caring about His well being and feelings even as He cares about ours. Is He content with how things are going? Is He worried about something? What can we do to help Him in a friendly way?

While it may be presumptuous to even dream of being a friend of God as opposed to just His servant, I think we should at least consider the possibility. Or at least consider it as far as it is possible to do so for finite beings such as we are in comparison with an infinite and unlimited God. (I know, I know, putting this in terms we can visualize, it’s like asking if the smallest of milk ants can befriend the largest of elephants without getting stomped – but I’m asking anyway.)

We believe God, as a sentient being, has feelings and emotions. He is not just some cold, calculating thing more akin to a computer than the living vibrant entity He truly is. While His feelings are infinite in nature they are also capable of being segmented and focused down to the pinpoint size needed to interact with each of us individually. And it is this individual locus that I’m concerned with.

If God can feel compassion, love, joy, anger and disgust; if He can be both patient and impatient, glad or sad, shouldn’t we be concerned, as friends are, to not engender the negative sides of that spectrum? Instead of only worrying about how we feel, shouldn’t we also care about how God feels? We should go out of our way to do everything in our power to voluntarily seek to alleviate any disquiet God may feel about us. We should do so not because God can’t absorb, without flinching, all of the negativity we shove at Him. He certainly can and does. Instead, we should do so because that’s what friends do.

-Alan Greer

Author of Choices and Challenges: Lessons in Faith, Hope, and Love

In search of a web master: DiscoverUU

February 19, 2009

DiscoverUU is in search of a new voluntary web master. As time moves forward and blogging technologies improve, we need a steady hand to help maintain the site for an ever-increasing audience. If this person or company could be you, please contact us via the ‘contact’ link at the top of the page.

Aaron Sawyer

Poll: Who are you leaning towards for UU President?

November 13, 2008

Wanna do some research?

Go to

Click on the UUA Presidential Race links on the right side of the page.



I believe in my right to search for the good, to choose it for myself, and hold it in my heart.

I affirm this right in you as well.

Together we share in the joy of community, the power of reverence, and the responsibilities of freedom.

This is the promise of my heart extended to you, as we walk on separate paths, together.


20 Unusual Churches

November 13, 2008

Pics of 20 Unusual Churches from around the world.

I thought this would be nice to share. So many UU churches have nice architecture… something to strive for? Wanna start submitting pics of UU churches?