McCain’s Superstitions, Idol worship?

When I was growing up, superstition was viewed (incorrectly) as a branch of paganism. For Christians, it was a no-no. It empowered the surrounding objects with false powers and was a sin. Plainly, superstition broke the Second Commandment prohibiting Idol worship.

John McCain is very superstitious.

John McCain is also a Christian. Something doesn’t add up.

From the Washington Times article:

Don’t try to pass a salt shaker to John McCain. He won’t take it from your hand because it’s bad luck.

The Arizona senator also won’t throw a hat on a bed — it means death will soon visit the household — but he regularly carries 31 cents in lucky change in his pocket.

Mr. McCain has dozens of superstitions and rituals, many stemming from his days as a Navy fighter pilot, a notoriously superstitious bunch. He carries a lucky feather, a lucky compass and a lucky penny — not to mention a lucky nickel and a lucky quarter. “He had so many of them that we had to cut down. It was like a change purse in his pocket,” Miss Buchanan said, laughing.

This is beyond the relaxed attitude many of us have for superstitions, holding them at arms length- reflecting on them but never altering our lives to accommodate them .

According to this account, for McCain, this is genuine belief.

THOUGHTS: Part of being a Unitarian Universalist is to FIND YOUR OWN TRUTH. This search does not happen in a vacuum, however. It is informed by discussion with others in the congregation, by reflecting on religious texts, and by stretching the boundaries of our personal experience. Your belief system should be regularly challenged as part of the healthy process of spiritual growth.

I fear Senator McCain may have surrounded himself with too many ‘Yes Men’. Eccentricities have gone unchecked. Coddled beliefs have solidified.

This is a genuine concern. Mental discipline is important in a President.

Indulging in superstition is a practiced mental laziness. Arming oneself with the comforts of a lucky feather or coin may indicate an unwillingness to divorce oneself of other systems of thought in the face of contrary facts.

What other beliefs does John McCain hold which do not hold under the eye of critical thought?

How about success in Iraq?

Continuing current economic policies?

Fear mongering Universal Health Care?



I believe in my duty to find the sacred, to chose it for myself, and hold it in my heart.

I affirm your right in you as well.

Together we share the joy of community, the power of reverence, and the burden of freedom.

This is the creed of my heart, extended to you, and expressed in this loving institution.

2 Responses to “McCain’s Superstitions, Idol worship?”

  1. Bill Baar Says:

    Given McCain’s life story, I’d say it worked.

  2. Aaron Sawyer Says:

    You’re giving lucky coins and feathers credit for his life story? :>

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