A Crude Awakening- Peak Oil

I just watched the documentary A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash.

And WOW. See it. Period.

I know UU’s tend to be in the middle and upper levels of income (though I’m certainly not in that crowd!) So, consider yourself warned!

Stock market prices assume a cheap and ready supply of oil for each company. The film makes the compelling case that we’ve already reached peak oil– the point at which “the maximum rate of global petroleum production is reached, after which the rate of production enters its terminal decline.”

Essentially the logic presented is that the gold standard on which our economy was built, was replaced with oil dollars. When it becomes more expensive to create, ship, and package products, old business models will no longer work. We’re literally burning the currency by which our economy is based.

If your retirement depends on the long term performance of the stock market- and therefore a never ending supply of cheap fuel, I’d consider an investment strategy more in line with UU values.  You don’t want your personal future dependent upon the success of those same practices you rail against on the weekend: war, imperialism, pollution, unchecked consumption, etc.

Many of you may know that I ride my bicycle to work. You may also be aware of my perpetual poverty, though many apsects of my life have been charmed.

3 Responses to “A Crude Awakening- Peak Oil”

  1. juuggernaut Says:

    I’m presently reading the book by the Earth Policy Institute’s Lester Brown. Plan B 3.0 The first part threw me into depression as it describes the severity of the global problems we’re in. However, it proceeds to make actionable policy prescriptions thereafter that give reason for hope. The book is available as a free pdf as well as through a major publisher.
    I was cameraman on a team for a new docu and we filmed Lester at the Aspen Environment Forum this spring. One of the easiest and most telegenic folks ever to work with.

  2. Ms. Theologian Says:

    Yeah, I thought the movie was pretty darn stunning.

  3. Dancing Across the Interconnected Web « Aaron Sawyer’s DiscoverUU Blog Says:

    […] It’s pretty amazing to see a guy able to travel this much in one lifetime, let alone at this young age. I don’t think we’ll see this kind of travel as natural resources become more and more scarce. […]

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