Anybody get to watch the UUA Pres candidates speak?

I had a conflict arrise and was unable.


7 Responses to “Anybody get to watch the UUA Pres candidates speak?”

  1. Patrick McLaughlin Says:

    I got there late (dinner before that and the Ware Lecture was… well, necessary). So I missed some of it (but it was taped and I’m sure will be available online).

    I’ve studiously remained undecided–not merely uncommitted. I’ve had some powerful arm twisting — almost entirely on behalf of Laurel Hallman — over the last 24 hours from supporters of hers. But I was (and am) holding out at least until after I hear some feedback on a question I posed to both (well, I think both–I know I posed it to Laurel’s campaign) about growth.

    To be honest, my impression until tonight was that Peter Morales was the underdog–based on the public support for Hallman and website and so on and so forth. But I found her closing statement… well, not particularly compelling. And his? His was powerful stuff. That’s not just my impression. The avowedly uncommitted minister whom I’d never met, next to me, turned to me after it and commented “well, I think we have a real campaign.” There was plenty of applause for Hallman’s closing statement–but there was at least as much (and I’d say more) for Morales.

    A minister I know who is already committed to Hallman heard her closing and didn’t find it compelling (but skipped out to grab a good seat for the Ware Lecture). A close should be compelling. Morales made a well crafted close, and delivered it well–and it made a case.

    Damned if I know what I think–I still want an answer to my question. But my perception of the race went from “looks pro forma” to “this is going to be very interesting.”

  2. juuggernaut Says:

    For me this was the first time of actually seeing Laurel Hallman. I’d been to her site and read her campaign material, and she had been described to me as a very warm, sincere, and competent person.
    Based on her presentation tonight I most decidedly do NOT want her to be the next UUA president.
    I didn’t see anything approaching a vision for the future, or even a comprehensive understanding of the membership situation vis a vis the changing demographics. Her talk about a liberating faith and spiritual practice is not a method or approach with much systematic effect on growth. It’s not a plan. Focussing on youth is fine but many congregations are too small to have any attractive youth programs. But again, “repelling fewer of our many visitors” has a faster impact on growth.
    What left me aghast was her expressed hope that “we’re unstoppable”. Supposedly, we can’t but do fine and grow because our philosophy is liberating. This is beyond naive given that we have been shrinking compared to population growth for half a century, and the worst is yet to come.
    The job description of UUA president calls to be the foremost spokesperson for UUs. I only saw Laurel’s oratory skills on the level to be expected from a minister but saw not the charisma, perspective, and clarity of a gifted leader and communicator who can inform and inspire people inside and outside this movement.
    There was not a hint of any change that she envisions, just a reshuffling of priorities.
    I’m beginning to wonder whether she wasn’t groomed for the candidacy by a Boston clique that is against all change to protect their jobs. I’m sure she is a nice person and very capable minister. But that doesn’t cut it for this pivotal position.
    I’ll post more once I’ve deciphered all my notes and watched this again.


  3. Kurt Jensen Says:

    I watched most of it via the web. In my opinion Peter Morales seemed to have the charisma, energy, and ideas. Laurel seemed more subdued. Listening to the closing I thought Peter really expressed a vision and it seemed listening to the applause, on my speaker admittedly, that he won over more of the crowd. I especially liked Peter’s discussion of the multi-cultural America that is emerging (or has emerged) and that our faith needs to emrace that. I just kept thinking that Laurel seems to see the Presidency as the capstone to a remarkable career and would do a good job. Peter seems to have a vision where we should go. (Disclaimer: My minister has endorsed Peter, but this is my own observation).

  4. Chuck B. Says:

    I was unable to watch it myself. I can’t seem to find any links to a website that has the video stored. From what I’ve read on Hallman website I’m worried Juugs is right, but I am biased as I like Morales.

    I really wish the UUA would take advantage of this opportunity and put together a collection of UU pundits, maybe Star King professors, and put out a video discussing the debate and the two. It could be posted on UUplanetTV, even Rev. Crestwell’s “The Barbershop”.

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  6. juuggernaut Says:

    Actually, the link has been taken off above list (the listing itself is gone as well). My guess is: technical reasons (their first attempt at posting failed, then they used a different server. It also has a mean hum).
    But I saved the address, so try this in Windows Media Player:
    I’m working on a transcript which I’ll post on my blog around Wednesday.
    Reading it will allow people to get a very clear picture about both candidates.

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