New York: Gay marriages recognized here too reports:

Fairness and fear of legal liability convinced New York Gov. David A. Paterson to direct all state agencies to immediately recognize as valid same-sex marriages solemnized outside of New York, the governor said Thursday.

Massachusetts requires you to be a legal resident in MA to get married.

As far as I know, California does not.

You can’t stop the steady march of civil rights.

The first same-sex couple to get a marriage license in Massachusetts was a UU couple and it was issued by the UU city clerk.

Click for more UU BGLT facts:

One Response to “New York: Gay marriages recognized here too”

  1. Michael Tino Says:

    Actually, MA law requires that the place you live recognize your marriage as valid in order to get married in MA.

    Until Gov. Paterson’s directive, only MA recognized same-sex marriages performed in MA, so the effect of MA’s law was that only MA residents could marry there.

    Now, NY residents should be able to marry in MA.


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