Soulful Sundown Sunday

I just had a great time at The Onion for a Soulful Sunday with members from a multitude of churches in the San Fernando Valley area. This one was a Soulful Sundown, which meant I skipped the morning service and played some soccer in the morning. But I paid for it, and was limping around for the rest of the day. Doh!

My wife and I got there early so she could warm up with the band (she sings.) While I waited, I was greeted by some wild chickens and a rooster bedding down for the night in some bushes by the parking lot. It was calming and hilarious to be confronted by barnyard animals going about their business in the middle of Los Angeles.

The service began, and I introduced DiscoverUU to the audience. The calming influence of the chickens was gone. (I was nervous!)

Three area ministers spoke with different styles, theologies, and energies. Quite a treat.

There was some great original UU music by my friend Dana Decker. He’ll be putting an album out soon, so look out for that.

Finally, we had a candle light vigil in a lovely summer-esque night.

And of course returned for our fill of coffee and cookies.

I really enjoyed the diversity of the night.

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