McCain parody of Obama video

Check out this little gem: a parody of the inspirational ObamaYes We Can’ video using the ‘message’ of John McCain. I do not see how the Democrats lose if it’s Obama vs. McCain.  I have to have watched the Obama video 20 times. I love it. It gives me chills.

Oh, and in case you know how to upload music to your cell phone- here’s a link to a ‘Yes We Can’ ringtone.

5 Responses to “McCain parody of Obama video”

  1. h sofia Says:

    That is … Wow.

  2. UUbuntu Says:

    Thank you for the link. A similar (but more twisted) parody of McCain’s version is here (“No You Can’t”):

  3. uuMomma Says:

    Man … perfect.

  4. Say what? « uuMomma Says:

    […] Posted in politics by uuMomma on February 12th, 2008 Thanks to Aaron Sawyer’s UUBlog for sharing a McCain parody video based on Obama’s Yes We Can.  Watch the parody over […]

  5. robin Says:

    i didn’t see the parady…but of the original i can say this: “there is nothing false about hope”…..i like that.

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