The Golden Rule- Coexist style

I’m pretty sure they got the Unitarianism symbol from the Canadian Unitarian Council, but despite that oddity… I think it’s a very nice piece of work.

Thanks to

Oh, and I had never heard of Jainism or Sikhism

4 Responses to “The Golden Rule- Coexist style”

  1. goldenruleradical Says:

    Hi Aaron. I have Google set to send me email when it finds references to the Golden Rule, which is what led me to your article.

    Interesting point about the Unitarian symbol. Paul McKenna, creator of the poster, is in Toronto. Ontario so I guess it makes sense that he’d use that. I’m not sure he ever anticipated the distance the poster would travel. It’s in use in Africa as a presentation to national leaders to promote peace and has been presented to the United Nations.

    For anyone interested in additional Golden Rule references, you might find my site of interest

    Golden Rule Radical

  2. Jacqui Cyrus Says:

    I wish to print the poster to put in my office, but I need an original citation. Where did Paul McKenna first publish his poster?

  3. Aaron Sawyer Says:

  4. Dr. Jacqui Cyrus Says:

    Mr. Sawyer:
    Thank you for the information.

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