Surfing for top UU podcasts- taking recommendations!

I’ve got another temp work job doing data entry. I have time to listen to UU blogs. Please send me your recommendations!
My long time favorite is TVUUC’s Rev Chris Buice. [Go to bottom middle of] I was a fan before their tragic shooting, and I became even more of one after listening to the courageous way they kept moving forward. I also like Rev Nancy Ladd @ Bull Run (though it’s a low quality feed- poke!) and anything from the NYC All Souls. I miss Rev John T. Crestwell who has been podcasting less lately.

Seriously, send me suggestions. I’ll give them a listen and update DiscoverUU to have the very best. It’s great to see that so many churches are now podcasting!


One Response to “Surfing for top UU podcasts- taking recommendations!”

  1. Lizard Eater Says:

    Rev. Marlin Lavanhar at All Souls Tulsa
    Rev. Christine Robinson at First Unitarian Albuquerque
    Rev. Kim Crawford at Arlington Street Church
    Rev. Anthony David at UU Congregation of Atlanta
    (all of the above are available free via iTunes feeds)

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