Rachell Maddow requests Thomas Starr King statue for her office


With California replacing Starr King’s statue with a huge 500 lb. bronze statue of the “Gipper”, Ronald Reagan, Rachel Maddow offered to purchase statue of famous Unitarian minister Thomas Starr King, once credited by Abraham Lincoln “as the man who brought in and kept California in the union during the civil war.”

“He would look great in our office. We would take great care of him,” said Rachel.

Big thanks to Maddow for this otherwise unwarranted publicity for Unitarianism. Rachel has been a big proponent of UU values.

Please EMAIL RACHEL and thank her for the coverage. Let her know we’re watching. Her address: rachel@msnbc.com


UU Affirmation

Please modify and use this in every way imaginable. You more than have my permission.



I believe in my right to search for the good, to choose it for myself, and hold it in my heart.

I affirm this right in you as well.

Together we share in the joy of community, the power of reverence, and the responsibilities of freedom.

This is the promise of my heart extended to you, as we walk on separate paths, together.


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