Today at 5pm…

Today at 5pm Californians of any gender will be able to legally marry one another in celebration of their love.

I spoke to a few friends, asking them whether they intended to take advantage of this new possibility before them. All of them planned to wait to see what happened with the proposed state consitutional ammendment that will be before voters at the upcoming national election.

“I don’t want to get married and then have it taken away from me,” I was told.

Understandable, and unfortunate that it’s a very real possibility.

In an election that COULD be about national healing and togetherness, overcoming past bigotry and injustice… but an election that WILL be about ripping the wound caused by those same tensions and fears as far apart as possible to divide and discourage the electorate…

Let’s try to remain a healing voice in the chaos- a resounding affirmation that the majority are over these old ignorances. And let’s extend it beyond race, toward the recognition that everyone has the right to coexist in peace and love.

For more information, or to apply, click here.

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