Evangelicals finding their way from war

The Seattle Times is reporting the young evangelicals are leaving the GOP ranks over the Iraq issue.

Judy Naegeli, 25, who works at a Christian philanthropy, says easy access to information about the world via social-networking sites, YouTube and blogs is the reason her generation is more concerned with social justice.

“It’s changed our perspective. … Each generation chooses their cause, and ours is AIDs in Africa, or poverty or social justice,” she said.

Tyler Braun, 23, a Portland seminary student who opposes abortion and gay rights, said he’ll probably vote for Obama because, since he’d would like to see U.S. troops leave Iraq.

I’d like to highlight the impact of the internet on moving these young evangelicals away from their parent’s war and toward social justice issues. When I was growing up, my sheltered classmates took eye-opening evangelistic trips to New Orleans. Now, teens see slices of life in all corners of the world. They’re seeking and learning online.

UU’s need to put themselves in the path of those driving the information superhighway. Right now I feel like we’re wearing out the soles of our shoes marching along a cow path when everyone else has asphalt and a Hummer.

Please keep in mind, it’s not that the young evangelicals are voting Democratic. It’s that they’re in a political limbo… up for grabs. Waiting for someone to speak to the things they care about. And whatdoyaknow? They care about our issues!

Let’s grab ’em!

Or we could just keep walking along with these cows… see where they’ll end up.

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