McCain’s Spiritual Guide: Rod Parsley

McCain sought out Rod Parsley’s endorsement and called him “one of the truly great leaders in America,” “a moral compass,” and a “spiritual guide.”

I’m absolutely adamant about the need for the separation of church and state. But when politicians buddy up with religious leaders PURPOSEFULLY, as opposed to having their personal lives dragged out against their will… it’s worth taking a look at who they’re aligning themselves with and why.

For an obstinately pro-war candidate to align himself with a religious leader who speaks so much hate against the Muslim religion, one might question his true motives for fighting.

2 Responses to “McCain’s Spiritual Guide: Rod Parsley”

  1. CeeJay Says:

    With a moral compass like Parsley it is no wonder that McCain has lost his bearings; it has nothing to do with his age, just misguided direction.

  2. ismail Says:

    sorry what is there to like in or about islam, you american never just stop and think for a moment, islam want to distroy and you throw mud at people that say that clearly. what a shame……..oh you must be liberal/leftist ..ops! sorry.

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