Election night open thread

3:08 PM

The first exit polls are in.

Obama looks to take North Carolina as expected.

Indiana looks too close to call.

UPDATE: One in ten voting identified themselves as Republicans. A sign of Obama’s cross-party pull? Or a signal that Rush Limbaugh is getting what he wants.

UPDATE: CNN calls North Carolina for Obama. Clinton leads Indiana with largest population districts not yet reporting.

9:45 pm UPDATE: Only 16,600 votes between them now. Most of the outstanding votes are from Lake county, which is the northwest part of the state, basically Chicago. Slightly questionable that it’s so late and they’re turning in their votes after everyone else… Chicago is known for a lot of dead people voting, etc. I’m not making an accusation, but I’m saying it’s interesting.

1:10AM  UPDATE: Clinton takes Indiana 51 to 49%

And as for the shady dealings hypothetical:

“Lake County Republican Chairman John Curley stood by his Democratic counterpart Rudy Clay as the nation waited for vote totals from Lake County. “There’s no hanky panky going on,” Curley said after members of the national media wondered why Lake County’s votes were taking so much longer to count than the rest of the state. “We have more than 11,000 absentee ballots, far more than we’ve ever had before,” Curley said, insisting it simply takes time to get through that many tallies.

The two party chairmen planned to meet at the government center at about 11 p.m., and Curley promised the vote totals would soon be released.”

All’s well in Denmark.

Now we wait and see if HC will drop out for the sake of party unity.

2 Responses to “Election night open thread”

  1. Aaron Sawyer Says:

    My prediction? It continues. Barack takes NC decisively. Hillary takes Indiana. Both continue marching forward.

  2. Aaron Sawyer Says:

    home from my bike ride home. I thought this thing would be over by now. Obama’s still trailing Clinton in Indiana with 41,000 votes between them. I doubt there’s enough to make it up.

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