I cried at work today

I’ve been tired lately. I’ve been frustrated. I’ve been feeling something building. I’m getting ready for something.

I don’t know what.

I think we’ll all find out soon enough.

But I ran into this old, now classic, Obama “Yes We Can” video.

And it hit me. It just rocked me deep inside.

I know you’ve seen it. But watch it again. You’ll be glad you did. Each word is so very powerfully eloquent, weighted, and yet effortless.

I am ready for a change.

I cried. Not a lot. But it was there.

I held it in.

It’s going to come out some day.



I believe in my duty to find the sacred, to chose it for myself, and hold it in my heart.

I affirm this right in you as well.

Together we can share the joy of community, the power of reverence, and the burden of freedom.

This is the creed of my heart, extended to you, and expressed through this loving institution.

It is my hope that this voice will ring through the terrible pundants that are, to quote John Stewart. “hurting America”. Stop.

One Response to “I cried at work today”

  1. Lizard Eater Says:

    And … made before Pennsylvania, incidentally, when Hillary used the term:

    The Tide is Turning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s9ubMQX7WE

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