Obama and Clinton, the lesson for UU’s

When I look at the conflict surrounding Barack and Hillary, I see a problem that is emblematic of UU behavior.

They’re on the same team. They have the same goals, dreams, and even share many of the same methods for achieving them. And yet there are differences. Important ones. Somehow a decision must be made between them. And that decision should always be in service of those same goals and dreams.

In the end, the seeming enormity of difference between Barack and Hillary are very small compared to the glaring contrast between them and John McCain, their Republican opponent.

And here’s the lesson: in-fighting can be a horrible OR wonderful thing. If done correctly, a clearer vision is formed. Followers are MORE resolved toward the goals and dreams of the candidate. If done incorrectly, a great amount of energy is wasted in distraction and destruction. Ideas are traded in for accusations. We lose focus while the other side plows on.

Ego, loyalty, and self-righteousness can tear UU congregations (and political parties) apart.  We are better served if ALL focus remains on our unifying goals and dreams. There is a time for self-analysis and self-improvement. It can even be a destructive process- cut the fat!

But lose the vision and you lose your identity.

Sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good.

Let us all reflect on our own lives and hope this battle between the good and the better will be resolved quickly. I fear we are losing sight of the vision.


I’m not losing sight of the vision! Many links have been fixed on DiscoverUU. Many more improvements have yet to happen. Google AdWords has started carrying a few DiscoverUU ads.

I still need and cannot afford a webmaster. I still need to get my butt out there and speak to congregations to offer them the vision and solicit their funds.

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