Check it out! A real flaming chalice could save the world.

UU’s have always been willing to mix fire and water.

Many UU congregations embrace a new tradition in the celebration of a Water Communion. We use a Flaming Chalice as a symbol of our religion.

UU’s have also been champions of the environment as a part of our seventh principle Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Well, have I got a perfect storm for you!

SYDNEY: A U.S. broadcast executive-turned-scientist has seemingly found a way to burn seawater. John Kanzius, from Erie, Pennsylvania, blasted a test tube of salt water with high frequency radio waves, causing the water to burn like a candle, he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper. Chemist Rustum Roy from Pennsylvania State University told the same newspaper that he had confirmed the phenomenon by replicating the experiment himself.

The image of a flame held by an instrument used to hold liquid has always felt beautiful in its dichotomy. Water and flame. Two opposing forces united. If the burning the hydrogen can release enough energy to compensate for the radio waves that have freed it from the water. H20 will be the new gasoline. Energy will be clean burning and in endless supply.

Sadly, this is not the case. Using radio waves to produce the hydrogen gas is inefficient. Still, I’ll hold out some hope that someone will find a way.

Could it be?

The flaming chalice. A solution for our social AND scientific problems.

One Response to “Check it out! A real flaming chalice could save the world.”

  1. Shelby Meyerhoff Says:

    That is incredible. I love the fact that Kanzius is an amateur too!

    But, what are the environmental implications of burning large amounts of salt water?

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