What if the Second Coming was a UU?

Now, I know that question implies a whole hell of a lot of things that don’t really work with one another…

But I was listening to an old radio program and it got me thinking.

On Prairie Home Companion a few years ago, Garrison Keillor suspects that the rapture has happened and calls Billy Graham, the Pope, President Bush. But they all answer their phones.

On Garrison’s next call he hears the message: “Thank you for calling the Unitarian Universalist Association. Nobody is here to take your call so please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.” We hear the sound of a trumpet in the background and an astonished voice saying, “Oh! My Clothes!” And then silence. Garrison Keillor responds, “The Unitarians? Gone?

What would the Second Coming be like if He/She/It was a UU?

It’s a fun question I’ve been pondering because it’s more fun than the old classics like “When a tree falls in a forest…?”

What do you think?

One Response to “What if the Second Coming was a UU?”

  1. UUBri Says:

    What if the second come were a UU, huh? Hmm, an interesting question…

    …and about as tricky to answer as “When a tree falls in a forest…?” But, still, it’s an interesting thought.

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