Mrs. Spitzer: Open Comments

Morning talk radio is all abuzz over whether Governor Spitzer’s wife should ‘stand by her man at press conferences. Advocates for women state that by doing so, she helps send the message that what he’s doing is ultimately all right.  Radio hosts even had guests on stating that there were women who would NOT vote for Hilary Clinton BECAUSE she stood by Bill Clinton despite his actions.

At other times, I distinctly remember the media saying the opposite, praising Hilary for staying with Bill.

What do UU’s  think about this?

I’m going to open this post up for comments.


6 Responses to “Mrs. Spitzer: Open Comments”

  1. Aaron Sawyer Says:

    Open for comments.
    I’ll start by saying that it WOULD be nice to see these men have to deal with the issue publicly on their own, while the matter is resolved in private.

  2. Winslie Gomez Says:

    What is Silda’s comment? Has she been interviewed on her own?

    He did the act on his own, his wife was not by his side, so should face the music on his own.

  3. Nathan Says:

    My feeling is that Mrs. Spitzer is in shock and that she is trying to hold her family together. I wouldn’t expect someone in her position to take a cold, rational approach.

  4. superkk Says:

    It’s all very, very complicated. Until one has been in the woman’s shoes, I think it would be best not to judge.

  5. Chalicechick Says:

    Yeah, I’m with Nathan.

    While I tend to think the Clintons had some sort of arrangement, I doubt that is true of the Spitzers given that reports are saying he had to be talked into using condoms with the hookers. (Slida’s a partner at Skadden, she’s no dummy, to my thinking there’s no chance she is going to be ok with an arrangement that is that likely to get her a disease.)

    So this is probably all a horrible shock to Mrs. Spitzer and I think people should give her a rest on the politics of her actions.

  6. Chalicechick Says:

    Correction: She had worked for Skadden and had several other classy jobs, which she gave up to raise his kids.



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