UU Youth Blog

I want to point to a new blog you may see on the top of the DiscoverUU page:


It’s a UU blog from a UU youth, offering “the story of a young woman searching for reason and purpose, using her Unitarian Universalist (UU) faith to guide her along the way, however confusing and befuddling it may be.”

In a time with so much controversy about  YRUU  and other youth focused efforts , I’m glad to have Ms. ConfUUdled blogging as she deals with the many aspect we’ve all but forgotten about young life.

Check it out.


3 Responses to “UU Youth Blog”

  1. Shelby Meyerhoff Says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for adding a youth blog. I would really like to find more blogs by UU youth, but they generally aren’t featured in the same places as adult blogs. It’s a lot like the problem in some of our UU congregations where youth and adults rarely serve together on the same committees or in the same activities (ok, maybe not an exact analogy, but you get the idea). We need to be in greater conversation with one another!

  2. jules Says:

    There is a very unfortunate and extremely deep, wide chasm that lies between the youth and adults of UU congregations. I think it would be wise, if we hope for our numbers to grow, that every possible resource be used at the National, District and congregational level to make our youth programs vital. They are the future of our faith.

    Thanks for making her place in the blogospher known to us.

  3. joseph santos-lyons Says:

    yes, most of the youth are interconnected on facebook, myspace and livejournal. some of this is age appropriate and important for safety. best way to learn about youth and their concerns i think is to get involved with your local congregation and district youth ministry activities. with youth, build relationships.

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