Clearing the air- accusations and misconceptions

I think it’s important to clear up some misconceptions about

1st- DiscoverUU is a 501c3 nonprofit site. We are not using anyone’s work for commercial gain. The dot com address is used because it is the most common, however we also own

2nd- We have tried to notify every blog owner on the site. Perhaps some were missed, the contact information was incorrect, or was considered spam for some reason. I apologize if someone wasn’t notified. Nearly all blog participants are aware of their blog being on the site.

3rd- All blog authors providing a feed to retain a Creative Commons license, meaning you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit

4th- Through the process of building this site, literally hundreds email requests were sent for feedback. I apologize if anyone was missed and invite you to contact the moderator at any time. (Right now that’s me, Aaron Sawyer). My efforts in the creation of this site have been met with both enthusiasm and resistance. I have found this to be a typical experience for anyone creating in the world, and particularly within the opinionated spirit of the UU universe.

5th- As we launch our ad campaign, consider the entire DiscoverUU campaign to be an ad for your blog. A percentage of people visiting the site due to our ads, or due to visiting another UU blog will see your site and click on it as well. There is amazing synergy with this business model. (Yes, non-profits have business models!)

6th- I will remove anyone from the site at their request.

DiscoverUU exists to spread the word about the UU blogs, news, and podcasts featured. I believe in your work and am hoping to draw thousands of dollars in contributions in 2008 to promote UU blog sites to people unaware of UUism. DiscoverUU is an attractive hub for people to find your work, share in community, and express themselves on their spiritual journeys.

-Aaron Sawyer, Founder

moderator at

3 Responses to “Clearing the air- accusations and misconceptions”

  1. davidium Says:


    As someone who you consulted with and brought into this project at an early date, yet did not know you before that first email, I would just like to say that in my experience with you and the site you have been open and honest, and very forthcoming.

    Thank you for your efforts in this project.

    Yours in Faith,

    David Pyle

  2. Aaron Sawyer Says:

    Thanks David!
    The bulk of my experience has been with people like yourself. And I believe even most detractors share my goals, but differ in terms of how to approach the challenges ahead.
    I appreciate the kind words.

  3. joseph santos-lyons Says:

    love this site, thanks for introducing me to it, and maintaining it. i loved uupdates, but this is something nicer to share with folks (which I have done repeatedly).

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