Presenting at the Razzie Awards with my wife

I’ve been (honored?) to be a presenter at the Razzie Awards for a few years now. This year, my wife is presenting as well. We’ll deliver the ‘dis-honor’ of “Worst Screen Couple” on Saturday morning to a lucky ‘winner’.

The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation “awards” the WORST of each year’s major motion picture categories in a ceremony the day before the Oscars take their turn to award the best. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s mean. It’s always well-deserved.

There was a time in which I didn’t have the stomach for mockery. I felt it was mean and unproductive. Now, I’ve developed a thicker skin. I place more responsibility on the willing participants and the eager investors. I look at what could have been. I calculate the time and effort as they repeat the awful line take after take, scene after scene. How deliberate this is!

When I see the millions of dollars invested each year in remakes and sequels or just plain trash– and this stuff is truly horrific, knowing that those same dollars could have gone to support two or three risky indie projects with a strong message or unique voice… When I see the opinion these people must have of their fellow man, that we would pay money for the product they’re offering…

I get mad.

And then, I do what I always do when I’m mad- I make darn certain that I’m not doing whatever it is THEY’re doing.
So I look at my own wallet.

I look at what I’m putting out in the world, what I’m investing in, and what I’m offering my fellow man.

My wife and I started supporting local, organic growers of fruits and vegetables. We launched DiscoverUU. I finished a screenplay. And I supported a presidential candidate who also tries to raise the bar of discourse in America. This has been a good year for me. It hasn’t always been this good.

I don’ t deserve an Oscar yet, but I certainly don’t deserve a Razzie.

Do you?


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