Part 2 of 2: “Oh, I went there!”

“Oh, I went there!” is Part 2 of a two part posting. Click here for Part 1: “What have we done?”

Aaron Sawyer


Today I am asking you to help realize the DiscoverUU vision by donating to our promotional fund.

Our goals are far from the dirtied term ‘evangelism’.  We must remember that UU is an outside-the-box religion with a misleading name and a confusing creedless format. It is our duty to inform people about the UU option. I hold that most people likely to associate themselves with UU do not even know it exists.

Liberal political blogs are the best place to find our key demographic.

Promotions by liberal groups within the liberal blogosphere have proven to be VERY effective because the reach their key demographic inside their trusted communities where they are hungrily browsing available links and feeding off each other’s ideas.

These internet promotions can be placed on the top web sites for one week at a cost of about $4,000 and represent almost 3 million viewings. Three million viewings.

That’s about 15,000 views in the key demographic for every tax-deductible donation of $20. It can’t be beat.

$20 lets you present Unitarian Universalism to more people than you will probably ever speak to for the rest of your life.

$20 to feed a young living community comprised of some of the best ministers and leaders UU has to offer

$20 that provides the spiritual food that could grow America’s next Ralph Waldo Emerson, Alexander Graham Bell, or Susan B Anthony.

$20 is a bargain, folks.

Those that can offer more, should offer more. I would like to run internet ads year-round, but we’ll need $208,000 for that. I know it sounds like a lot, but IT CAN BE DONE.

And I’m going to throw down the gauntlet here:

I dare say that if UU’s had a different message, an ignorant, hateful, and fear-mongering message, WE WOULD HAVE OUR MONEY.

“Oh, I went there!”

Our principles matter. Period.

So in the spirit of Unitarian Universalists’ great leaders, if you’re serious about advancing the liberal perspective on the multitude of issues Unitarian Universalism has advanced throughout time- grass roots issues like global warming, and environmental protection… like women’s rights, homosexual rights, civil rights… Fair trade and labor rights.

If you long for the kinds of leaders Unitarian Universalism has offered in the past,

THIS is how you plant those seeds, THIS is how you strengthen those roots, and THIS is how you provide the spiritual food that is required to fight the poisons of hatred, bigotry, and corporate greed.

The spiritual aspect of these issues provides the strength, the backbone, and the right frame of mind to heal this divided world.


Ultimately, DiscoverUU is not about policies or politics; it’s about the living spiritual journey of Unitarian Universalism and its collective and responsible search for truth and meaning

Please visit regularly. Tell a friend. Listen to sermons. Comment on blog postings, and become a part of a word-wide living community of Unitarian Universalists.


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