Death of a Friend

I’m about to go to a funeral on Sunday for THE FIRST contributor to Art Dell.

He just gave. I didn’t have a chance to ask.

He’d heard me speak a few times at the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society (The Onion) and is a former congregational president there. He’d worked as a school teacher for many years in the area and when he heard about this youth oriented plan, he cut me a check. There is quite an age difference between Art and me, but I was surprised at how short a distance our souls had to travel to find one another.

In a strange way he lives on through this site, having helped make it possible.

I will miss him.

Here are a couple of great Art Dell quotes.

`I’ve been a member since 1969; I want to think for myself when it comes to spiritual beliefs,” said Art Dell, president of the congregation. `

`We search for our own truths. Being a member here answers my needs in a community of loving and caring people.”

2 Responses to “Death of a Friend”

  1. davidium Says:


    You are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as your congregation. Art sounds like someone I would have liked.

    Yours in Faith,


  2. mskitty Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Art’s death, Aaron. It’s hard to lose a friend like that; it leaves a hole in your life.

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